Our Youth Group

The Youth Group exists to encourage students to grow in both width and depth in their relationship with God and their communities.  This purpose is lived out through the building of personal relationships, the study of scripture, community building events, and through empowering parents in their role as spiritual leaders of their homes.
At Maple Grove we continue to reach the unchurched youth of our community.  Sometimes this comes with difficulties and hardships, but Christ was clear that we should make disciples of nations – all peoples.
all youth are welcome here no matter how perfect or broken.   Each person receives the example of Christ’s love and grace when they walk through our doors.
Finally, we want to encourage parents: you have a tough and rewarding job and God has given you the tools and strength to see success, if only you lean on Him and each other. We are here for you, and so are those in the church who have “been there and done that” and we are all here to help and encourage you as you seek to raise a child in a world that might not have your values.  Please feel free to contact any of the MGBC ministry team when you are in need.
Upcoming Events
(All events outside of normal Wednesday and Sunday services will be posted here with details and deadlines for permission slips.)